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Andrew O’Brien is the founder of the media company, Patefactus. He began his career as a public speaker in 2013. He had no clue about how to run a business or how to get on media. 3 short years later, he has become the most requested speaker in his field and has traveled all over the world speaking. He have made well over 6 figures, on his way to 7. This is all thanks to his media exposure. Without all of the media he received, he wouldn’t be where he is today. Andrew has been featured on over 70 media stations around the world. Before being featured on so much media, he was only charging $2,000 per speaking engagement (that included travel and lodging in that fee.)

Exactly one year later, his fee increased to $5,000 plus travel and lodging. The best part – he was not only charging more, but he was getting more clients. Andrew did all of this without spending a dime on a PR firm or agency. After so much media coverage, he started to learn more about the industry and came up with his own ways of getting more coverage. Now, Mr. O’Brien doesn’t have to reach out to media any longer on that side of business. It has gotten to the point where high-scale media is contacting him instead. This is what he teaches.  Andrew teach individuals how to get to the point that high scale media is chasing, instead of you chasing them.

Andrew’s Favorite Quote:
“You can either quote world changers, or be the world changer than people quote.”

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