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People always laughed at my big goal to help the world“You’re just a small town guy, how could you ever do that?”I knew the “How” was podcasting, but it just sounded too hard and complicated. I had attempted to start many times since I had listed to my first show in 2011, but the lack of technical knowledge and even my own limiting beliefs stopped me every time.

Then, in early 2015 I launched a show, that flopped. It didn’t just flop, it crashed and burned and in 60 days it was done. To save my pride it didn’t crash that hard, I had less than 200 downloads in the 60 days it existed.

Later that year I made a decision, I could do this, I would treat it like a professional and really have that impact where I would reach the world. I launched the Create Your Own Life Show later that year, and the difference was astounding.

Now, my show is listened to in 195 countries, been downloaded over 1 million times and been featured in places like INC Magazine and Forbes. I’ve gotten to speak to so many of my heroes, including: Grant Cardone, Seth Godin, Danica Patrick, Robin Sharma, Russell Brunson, Jen Sincero, Jim Tressel and over 500 other world-changers.

I created my world changing platform and this course will set you up in the position to do the same. You can reach a global level and having a podcast can help you to do that.

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