About This Episode:
Elliott Hulse is a name synonymous with success, and YouTube. He created content for almost 4 years, before really making it big on YouTube. Long before he was an internet personality, he was the owner of Strength Camp Gym. His only purpose in creating video content, was to promote and sell memberships to his gym.

On a dare from a friend, Elliott turned ads on his YouTube channel, and created an income of $10,000 in his first month. From there, he pushed down the gas, and went from making a video when he felt like, to one everyday. Elliott structured his videos in question and answer format, and made it his mission to answer questions in the most creative way he could find; a true artist.

More than being just a YouTube video creator, Elliott is a true student of philosophy; putting what he reads into action. He then forwards that information to his viewers, creating true inspiration in a metaphorical verse.

Elliott is also the author of the Best-Seller, “The King”, which is about helping others channel their inner king. Rather than just give more of the motivation for which he is famous, he wanted to give people a roadmap to really achieving their dreams.

Elliott’s Favorite Quote:
“Every action is measured by the sentiment which is precedes.” 

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