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You tell others what to do in a very commanding fashion. You do no help, but demand. You do not acknowledge things going on in your team members’ lives and help them through. Then, you wonder why people do no respect you. This is not referring to any person in particular, but rather the archetype of what the traditional corporate world looks for in a boss.

Business leaders are beginning to learn more and more that being a good leader is about leading by example, and leading with kindness. Sound’s an awful lot like Sun Tzu’s “Art of War”. It has been known for many centuries that this is the most effective way to lead, but it is not until now that corporate culture is shifting.

The 1980’s are the down time for this type of image, and the inspiration for such movies as ‘Office Space.’ A boss like Lundberg in the film that expects his employees to work weekends while he relaxes, cracking the whip every so often to tell them to work.

Here’s some traits of the new modern era leader, such a Howard Schultz:

    • The lead by example. They will not ask others to do something that they will not do themselves.
    • They believe in others more than this individuals believe in themselves.
    • They select people to work with they feel are better than themselves.
    • They acknowledge hardships in others lives and help them through.
    • They do what they say they will.
    • They build teams, not individuals. They create new leaders and are not threatened by their growth.
    • They tell others where to find information, not complete tasks for them; knowing full-well that this is how leaders are born.

If some of these traits describe you, then, well done! As a leader, you are headed in the correct direction. If it does not, then realize you need to grow and work towards being that better person that can inspire others to greatness.


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