About This Episode:
Hung Pham seemed to have it all, he graduated college in 2004, but a bad break up set him back. He thought this girl was the one, but after 2 years realized that things were not as he thought.

To deal with the pain he turned to gambling, which turned into gambling addiction. Saturdays started at 8 AM and ended at midnight, he gambled on everything, and it lasted over 8 years.

The money was just one part of it, the toughest part of that dealing with himself, he was too proud, never needed help; he developed thoughts of suicide. He was in a thriving career in high tech, no one knew.

Hung handled his problem but was in 50K worth of debt. It was too much to save his way out, and he had to get creative. Started online digital marketing, for dentists, took a lot courses online would sell services to implement learning how to do it, moved back home, paid off 50K in 3 years!

Hung attended a lot of events, met Patrick King, who got him into writing. He was doing events to teach lean startup to entrepreneurs, and from there developed the Culture Summit.

Hung’s Favorite Quote:
“Potential and talent is useless if you don’t create good habits for yourself.”

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