About This Episode:
Dr. Dave White is your life coach. On the court, he’s a Lead NCAA Men’s Basketball Referee. He controls the game. He makes big calls under pressure. He manages alpha coaches and competitive players. He gets it done.

He helps others, like you, to get the control, make the calls, manage the pressure, and seize the winning results they want. It’s his honor to inspire the inspired. He champions champions.

The great Notre Dame Football Coach, Lou Holtz, said: “You have to have talent to win, but you can lose with talent, and that’s where coaching can make the difference. He trusts you’ve got the talent.”

Are you ready for the personal and professional advantage that comes from being strengthened, bolstered, and resourced by a seasoned expert? As every great athlete has his coach, every workplace warrior would do well to have his too.

The facts are clear. Boxers throw more knockouts with an advocate in their corner. Powerlifters bench more weight with a spotter by their side. Fighter pilots win more battles with a wingman on their flank.

Dave’s Favorite Quote:
“The philosophers have only interpreted the world, the point is to change it.” — Karl Marx

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