About This Episode:
Ali Mirza is the founder of iSocialYou.

iSocialYou is dedicated to helping you get results from digital marketing campaigns. It is the place to get inspiration, no-BS guides, case studies and tools for the online success.

After spending 10 years in corporate America, he noticed that having an awesome product or service is not enough. It’s actually the marketing that helps us build engaging relationships with ideal customers. I also observed a change in marketing landscape i.e. a shift towards digital and social channels.

Today, iSocialYou helps its clients in 2 important aspects of social media marketing:

  1. Creating an engaging social brand
  2. Lead generation through social media

Ali didn’t start iSocialYou because he was unhappy at his corporate job (Actually he loved it!). He started iSocialYou as a TEST LAB: A place where he could test every single marketing, startup and growth hacking strategy. Today he works with several clients and thousands of students get results from his online courses.

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