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Cherie Aimée is a tech leader and near-death survivor whose story of resilience impacts millions. The former tech CEO died seven years ago due to heart failure, and doctors were unable to resuscitate her for over 90 minutes. Now serving as VP of Community Management at blockchain startup ShipChain, Cherie has helped build the largest and fastest growing ICO community.

A champion of innovation, Cherie is co-leading the disruption of the 8 trillion dollar freight and logistics industry, and has been a key component in ShipChain’s $30M in raised funding and recent ICO sellout. As a near-death survivor, coma survivor, and heart transplant recipient, Cherie is honored to sit on the Executive Advisory Council for the Board of Directors at Columbia University Medical Center.

Featured in Forbes, Influencive, and the Dr. Oz Show, she now travels the world speaking about resilience, innovation, community building, and living from the heart.

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