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Mara Glazer was an overweight bullied grade school reject, whose teachers told her: “You will never be successful!”.

Now she is a bad a** Girl Boss crushing it as an entrepreneur.

Mara Glazer is your reality check in a world where many falsely claim that being a business owner doing something you are passionate about is easy, and you can become wealthy working just a few short hours a week (though she does believe that it can become “easier” with the right guidance and know-how).

Now Mara shares the TRUTH about being a woman working for yourself (and the very best marketing and sales strategies for growing a business you love – without sacrificing your life). She is also the co-owner of Sales That Don’t Suck and co-leads the 3 Days To 10k Retreats with her business partner, Erica Martin.

Mara has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The Huffington Post, The Baltimore Sun, and many other major media outlets

Mara made over a million dollars tracked back to social media in under a year.

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