About This Episode:
Justin Matthew spent many years in venture capital (Million Dollar Producer for 3 years).

The next move was 10 years later when he became the business manager for one of the largest YouTube channels in the world Household Hacker at the time known for pranks etc. He played a major role into turning the channel into the highest respected science show on the web and negotiated multiple business deals with fortune 500 companies.

That then led to private clients in fact over 8,000 to date and even making 5 figures a month on fiverr.com. He believe Social Media for companies is EVERYTHING for years to come and my growth backs that up.

Taking his experience from corporate sales and then managing the YouTube channel and all their social media, Justin realized he was 1 of very few that had business and social media skills. He formed JM Consulting which developed into managing and building Social Networks for companies.

He found great success right off the bat which has led to the founding of another company Monopolize Social Media. Where he get 10 clients a week. Then, after crushing it, Justin packed up, moved to Utah and formed iBoom Media.

iBoom is a sponsor of the Create Your Own Life podcast, causing massive growth in social media, I had to give them on a spot on the show. Instagram went from near 1,000 to almost 4,000 and Twitter from 400 to almost 2,000; the results are incredible.

Justin’s Favorite Quote:
“Surround yourself with like-minded people.”

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