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Paul Colligan is passionate about helping others leverage technology to grow their businesses. His goal is to expand your reach and revenue, with reduced stress and no drama. His lifestyle and business strategies are designed to tackle the challenges and opportunities of today’s ever-changing information economy.

Paul has played a key role in the launch of dozens of successful internet products that have garnered tens of millions of visitors in traffic and revenue. He’s been the secret weapon behind dozens of best-selling authors on Amazon, number one podcasts on iTunes, and millions of views on YouTube. Previous projects have included work with StoryBrand, The U.S. State Department, Traffic Geyser, Rubicon International, Piranha Marketing, Microsoft, Pearson Education and more.

He is also a popular speaker on technology topics and has presented at events around the world including BlogWorld and New Media Expo, The European Business Podcasting Summit, Google Tech Talks, MacWorld, Social Media Success Summit, Inbound Marketing Summit, Social Media Marketing World and Microsoft TechEd. Paul is the CEO of the Podcast Partnership, creator of The Podcast Industry Report and has authored eleven books including current Amazon bestsellers How To Stream Video 2016, How to Podcast 2016 and YouTube Strategies 2016.

Paul lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and daughters and enjoys theater, music, great food and travel. If you are interested in his latest projects and his thoughts on the world of new media, visit Paul’s Website.

Quotes from Today’s Episode:
“All you have to do is be better than drive time radio”

“What’s better? ‘Episode 1 just dropped today, come along with me for the ride’ or ‘Hey I have a whole bunch of stuff you can download when you want to’”

“All you have to do is think logically”

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How To Podcast 2016: our Simple Steps To Broadcast Your Message To The Entire Connected Planet … Even If You Don’t Know Where To Start

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