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Melinda is a serial entrepreneur, award-winning journalist and visionary innovator.

Founder and CEO of the predictive social intelligence platform Verifeed, she has pioneered an algorithmic way to get a growing and measurable Return on Authenticity from all those posts, tweets and shares. The ROA app is used by a growing number of aspiring thought leaders to boost their influence and impact via social media.

Melinda’s grandmother was the first to spot her budding entrepreneurial career: “You’re disruptive”, she told the 5-year-old Melinda after she earned her first $100 selling door-to-door with her black lab.

At 22, she joined the Times of London as a media and financial correspondent, before moving to the Financial Times to launch and host daily TV business shows for CNBC in Europe and Asia. Her TV career spanned the BBC, ABC News and NBC. Melinda is also a single mom with two great kids. A meditation and yoga devotee, she believes personal growth and lifelong learning is vital to succeed in entrepreneurship.

Melinda’s Tombstone Quote:
“She inspired people to live with a fearless joy”

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