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Hope Brookins is a personal branding and publicity strategist. Hope’s success has enabled her to be the go-to strategist for ambitious entrepreneurs who have a personal message that they want turn into a brand. She knows that success, without a doubt, comes down to three things: perfected positioning, strategic storytelling, and a meticulously-crafted, media-ready message.

Thanks to her sharp business skills and natural flair for knowing what makes a brand – and a person – exceptional, Hope is quick to help each of her wildly talented (and different) clients position, package and polish their personal brands – and leverage their expertise to become Internet icons.

By the time she was 19, Hope had worked for Bill Clinton, 14 U.S. Congressmen and politicians at every level of state politics. Leveraging her experience in politics, Hope strategically turned to positioning entrepreneurs through branding before taking on the ultimate experience of positioning her own family.

Hope’s family’s built their own house from the ground up went viral appearing in more than 1000 news sources in 65 countries in 2 weeks.

Hope’s Tombstone Quote:
“Well behaved women rarely make history”

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