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David Wongk started Pure Tropix, an all natural skin care company while working a full time job as an aircraft mechanic and pilot for an engineering company. In the first 6 months, he did 100K in sales solely off of Instagram. He was able to build his company to do 25K a month and finally took the leap into full time entrepreneurship! Since then, he’s built the company to 40K a month in the last year.

His business has also been featured multiple times in top magazines and sites such as Vogue, Trend Hunter, and Barbershop Connect to name a few. His unique style of marketing on Instagram has gotten my products into the hands of some of the top models to assist in advertising it. It’s been an amazing journey that’s only just beginning. He also had his website crash while he was in the back of a Taxi cab.

David’s Tombstone Quote:
“He lived, traveled and loved like a champion”

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