About This Episode:
Jarrod Glandt left college in his 3rd year at San Diego. He got a job selling print and online advertising and at 21 and quickly became the #2 rep in the country making $150K a year. His territory, and income got cut into a third and his situation quickly changed.

He left that job to go work for his father, but it wasn’t quite what he was looking for. He came across a video of Grant Cardone, and decided he needed Grant, and only Grant to hire him.

After initially reaching out with no luck. he followed up everyday for about 2 months before he was invited to interview (on a Sunday). After the dust cleared, he was offered the job. It was an entry-level salesperson, receptionist, extra hand, do whatever it takes type of role. That’s when the hard work started.

He started at $2500 per month plus a small residual commission on deals he wrote. He was broke, in debt, making hardly any money, sleeping on an air mattress, and selling a brand new product nobody knew about. He learned the value of real, hard work.

That’s when it all changed. It’s funny what 6 days a week and 75-80 hours of work will do for business. Becoming a true student of the game is what really made the difference for Jarrod. He currently is the EVP for Grant Cardone and the Co-Host of Young Hustlers podcast, he’s here to kick your sales into gear.

Jarrod’s Favorite Quote:
“Don’t be a little bitch.” – Grant Cardone

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