About This Episode:
Patrick King is a Social Interaction Specialist, in other words, a dating, online dating, image, and communication and social skills coach based in San Francisco, California, and has been featured on numerous national publications such as Inc.com. He’s also a #1 Amazon best-selling dating and relationships author with the most popular online dating book on the market, and writes frequently on dating, love, sex, and relationships.

He focuses on using his emotional intelligence and understanding of human interaction to break down emotional barriers, instill confidence, and equip people with the tools they need for success. No pickup artistry and no gimmicks, simply a thorough mastery of human psychology delivered with a dose of real talk, perfected and honed through three years of law school.

He’s not so different from anyone else, he has always just had the ability to see people perhaps a little better than they could themselves, along with an innate instinct to help. He also might have been a late bloomer, with his first anything coming at age 19, giving him a unique before/after perspective that is so valuable to his clients.

When he’s not helping clients conquer the world, he’s either fronting an 80′s cover band or training for his next 10K.

Patrick’s Favorite Quote:
“Chop the wood in front of you.”

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