About This Episode:
I love podcasting, it’s really my passion but it took my a long time to do it correctly. This is my second go round at a podcast, but I learned a lot about how to do it correctly and I also learned I was doing it with the wrong things in mind.

My real purpose should always be the audience and not just throwing out as much content as I can. Quality content is king and I needed to change my operating procedure.

So, what did I do differently? Here it goes:

The Production

    • Fiverr for a Logo
    • Took the Podcast Blueprint Course 
    • Got Music on Pond5
    • Used Garage Band and actually did editing
    • Auphonic for audio leveling
    • Bought an ID3 File Tagger
    • Sent out 98 emails for guest to be on the show

The Launch

    • Sent about 100 Personal Emails 
    • About 300 texts (I forgot to mention this in the episode)
    • About 500 Facebook messages
    • About 3,000 LinkedIn Messages
    • Sent out to about 200 Mailing List Members 
    • Bothered anyone with an iPhone

Things I Used:
Samson Meteor Mic


Listener Reviews:
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