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Kenny Sanders was born Dec 27th 1985 and raised in the small humble town of Ephraim, UT. Currently living in Los Angeles, CA.

As Kenny’s passions grew, he became a person of many talents from riding BMX professionally, mentioned in magazines worldwide and being 1 of 3 in the known band Sonder Saloon as a guitar player and vocalist which have over 900,000+ plays between Spotify, Soundcloud, iTunes and YouTube. In addition to that he can also play the drums and piano.

Kenny’s interests and talents don’t stop there. He’s also a successful businessman. In 2013 Kenny invented Notsocks, which is a sock that is designed to wrap around the shoe insole and inserted inside of the shoe keeping the foot free from wearing socks for a sockless lifestyle.

In 2014 Kenny founded the clothing company TTM Lifestyle which are hand crafted limited edition shirts with stamped faux leather pockets. As the company grew, he decided to sell the brand in September of 2015 so he could direct his focus on NotSocks, his music and BMX.

In early 2016 Kenny started a YouTube channel with Professional Figure Skater Crystalrose Guerra called CKLA. The YouTube channel took off quickly with over 1,000 subscribers and over 100,000 views and climbing in 5 months.

Kenny’s Favorite Quote:
“Everything we see in reality has to do with what’s in our heads.

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