About This Episode:
Pat Flynn started as an architect, but found out early in his career that the only real security is in yourself and your own skill set. He was informed of he impending laying off three months ahead of time, right about the time that he discovered that a site he created for himself and his co-workers was doing extremely well. From there, Pat ventured into the world of affiliate marketing and left he job to go right into a new income source.

To help others learn from his experience, Pat created smartpassiveincome.com, which quickly become a leader in the niche of internet business. He wants to share his success and the freedom that he has created with others though his platform.

In this episode, Pat teaches us how to start affiliate marketing and the simple methods that will help you to crush it as an affiliate marketer. Be sure not to miss any of Pat Flynn’s valuable teaching on how to start earning your first dollar online.

Pat’s Favorite Quote:
“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right.” – Henry Ford

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