About This Episode:
Gerard Adams is a true thought leader for Millennial entrepreneurs. He’s grounded, humble, real, and engaging. And he’s walked the walk. He started from the bottom, and climbed to staggering success at a young age. He’s inspiring and honest about what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Gerard is the co-founder of Elite Daily and co-founder of his most current project, Fownders, which is changing the face of Newark, New Jersey.

Gerard has spoken globally on his results-driven practices, authentic experiences, and modern approach to mindset, confidence, content marketing, social media, Millennials in the workforce, raising capital, and scaling a business to acquisition.

He is an encouraging voice for other Millennials to follow their own path and realize their potential. His fresh perspective and humble integrity leave audiences excited about the possibilities, confident in their potential, and prepared to become change-makers.

Gerard’s Favorite Quote:
“Not everyone can be an entrepreneur. But an entrepreneur can come from anywhere.”
“Success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure” – Tony Robbins –

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