About This Episode:
Alex Brown is the co-founder of Dollar Beard Club, Unconscious Content, Coolbox and others. The recently founded dollar Beard Club is turning heads as a leading male grooming subscription service, and did over $10.5M in revenue in their first year in business, mainly through the creation of high impact video content and brand building.

Unconscious Content was born of the repeated success in various industries, and where Alex and his business partner Chris Stoikos are divulging the secrets of how entrepreneurs can use video effectively to build brands and drive sales. As a serial entrepreneur with multiple successful ventures, he typically wears all hats in each startup until a full team can be created. He has extensive experience in product development, contract manufacturing, PR, branding, integrated marketing and business development.

Alex’s Favorite Quote:
“There’s a lot going on and we’re not allowed to take anything in because success keeps coming bigger and bigger, but it brings bigger challenges. So don’t take it in. Even when you’re not doing so well, just don’t take it in. Just focus on where you want to be.”

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