About This Episode:
“Be Yourself!”,
the words of his father, Matisyahu uttered this as the best piece of advice that he ever received. In age of musicians and entrepreneurs trying to be whatever is popular at the moment, though simple, this is an amazing piece of advice that everyone can take to heart. When you truly understand Matisyahu’s story, truly being himself is very apparent, and his key to success. “Develop your Thing”, he stated as his advice to young musicians, it really goes to the heart of this podcast and “Creating Life on Your Own Terms”. Often we are worried about the results or the blow back, not the art. Life itself is a canvas, and Matisyahu wants you to paint it your own way.

When Matisyahu first started touring to packed clubs more than eleven years ago, it was prior to the release of Live at Stubbs, the now Gold record, and prior to that record’s single “King without a Crown” reaching #1 on the alternative rock radio charts.  His performances were a raw expression of his spirituality at that time and were supported by musicians who played a foundation of roots reggae augmented by the energy of a rock trio. Fans latched on quickly for a variety of reasons, but in August of 2005, just months after the release of Live at Stubbs, Matisyahu found himself on stage at the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival with the de facto leader of improvisational rock-n-roll; Phish’s front man Trey Anastasio.

Many early fans of Matisyahu remember that moment clearly not because of the songs he played in front of the 80,000 person crowd, but because of his seemingly unfettered confidence (or perhaps naiveté) in helping lead Trey and his band through an improvisational display of beat boxing and lyrical gymnastics during the two songs performed. It may have been unrefined, but Matisyahu’s passion for full band improvisation was laid bare.

You may not know his whole story and how his music is created, but in this episode we dive into all of it.

Matisyahu’s Favorite Quote:
“Listen oh Israel the Lord is our God, the Lord is one.”

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