About This Episode:
Scott Voelker is a serial entrepreneur. It all started worked for his father’s construction company, which the two built to over a million dollars annually. From there, Scott made the leap into photography, because freedom and security meant so much to his family. Business was great, but it turned out to be another job. From there, he went into the online space where he built courses along with some selling on Ebay; he was beginning his journey into freedom.

Scott learned about selling on Amazon, and saw it as the next best option to digital products; in the FBA model, Amazon handled most of the heavy lifting. His vision of freedom was booming much more real.

His first year in business on Amazon is more than the average American would see in ten. From there, he started the Amazing Seller podcast, in an effort to reach out to higher level seller. However, it turned out to be so much more of a teaching experience, allowing Scott to touch so many lives. Check out his story…

Scott’s Favorite Quote: 
“Take Action!”

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