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Hershey Hilado is not your typical 24 year old. Her difficult upbringing enabled her to develop the resilience and natural drive about life that is too infectious to ignore.

Growing up in an environment of physical and emotional abuse she became a parent to 7 of her siblings at a mere age of 14. Her father was murdered by her own uncle when she was 12. Her own Mother traded her for money when she was only 15 and forced her to marry a man 3 times her age when she was 16.

After escaping that terrible ordeal she became homeless for 2 years and eventually found the comfort of her Father’s family when she found out where they live.

At 18, she moved to Australia and started her own business 2 years later. Today, she runs a Women’s Fashion Label called Omagosh and now being sold in over 15 countries across the globe. She is also a serial social media entrepreneur and business strategist that helps Australia’s top speakers get their brand online and have their message heard globally through the Speakers Institute, an incubator of speaker talent with the ability to transform people’s message into a powerful and commercial message that the world needs to hear.

Her passion and purpose stretch beyond overcoming adversity and Entrepreneurship. As a Philanthropist she is one of the Ambassadors for The Freedom Hub, a non for profit organization that helps rebuild the lives of survivors of Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery in Australia.

She speaks for those who needed a voice. She is a spiritual and passionate human being who chose to live LIFE with so much gratitude, positive intentions and a purpose to change people’s lives through SERVICE, SURRENDERING her self to total selflessness and IMPACTING millions of lives.

Hershey’s Favorite Quote:
“Capacity is a state of mind.”

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