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Gallant Dill, the retail industry’s most auspicious entrepreneur. At only 23, Gallant acts as a product consulting agent for over five hundred lines. His trademark is extraordinary performance and aggressive growth. Dill’s clients boast tens of thousands of placements under his management.

Gallant’s specialties range from Health & Mindful Living campaigns to celebrity partnerships driving social media engagement. An uncompromising approach to campaign deployment has earned him direct paths to market in retail environments as diversified as Whole Foods Corporate and Circle K. Since 17, Gallant has monetized the supply chain.

From operating as a dockside shipping entrepreneur, to creating an entertainment empire capitalizing on his marketing expertise. At twenty, he applied his experience to his own product – Moll3 – exemplifying a fluency in manufacturing and marketing excellence. Without a sales team, the product sold in over 10,000 stores before Moll3 reached even one year on the market. Pictured with dozens of notables, household names and athletes – an energy pill with no capital backing became the most viral product in the millenial market. Gallant has punctuated his career partnerships with the largest names in the industry: music festival SXSW, DirectTV, Justin Bieber, Albertsons, Wegmans, 7-Eleven.

We Discussed:

    • Turning disadvantages into advantages.
    • Identifying needs in the market and delivering.
    • Why selling more to existing clients is the smartest plan.
    • The value in the right people on your team.
    • What an entrepreneur really is.
    • Looking at your Goals as a staircase.

Gallant’s Favorite Quote:
“Never give up.”

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