About This Episode:
Becky Farias came to America with only $200 in her pocket and went on to become in the top 1% of all timeshare sales people in the entire world. She had a dream to create life on her own terms, to the point of working 20 hour days at three different jobs — more than most people would ever dream of doing.

She credits not only her ability to out work everyone else, but to out train harder and longer than every person out there until its perfect. She will out work her competition and had drilled her communication skills to perfection; her statistics prove that fact.

We Discussed:

    • Coming to America with ONLY $200.
    • Taking 3 jobs to have money to create a life.
    • What it takes to be a 1% producer.
    • Why you ALWAYS need to be training.
    • Why you need to communicate well.

Becky’s Favorite Quote:
“If there’s a will, there’s a way.”

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