About This Episode:
Samantha Skelly is the founder of Hungry For Happiness, a movement to support women around the world who are suffering from disordered eating and body image issues. She is an author, speaker and visionary leader in the eating disorder recovery space.

After spending many years as a dancer and actress, Samantha moved on, but lost her significance and struggled to be whole. She went into fitness training, but her eating habits were far from fit. She had some self-discovery and had a breakthrough, Hungry for Happiness is her mission to help other people find the happiness and self-love she found through handling her eating issues.

In This Episode:

    • Dealing with losing your significance.
    • Crafting the delivery of your idea.
    • Focusing on what you you feel when you get there.
    • Why the entrepreneur delegates.
    • The main problem with the fitness industry.
    • Creating your marketing “Lighthouse.”

Samantha’s Favorite Quote:
“Feel the fear and do it anyway.”

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