About This Episode:
Jonathan Mead is a day-job elimination coach that helps people create businesses they can conduct from anywhere. He’s passionate about helping people say “sayonara” to dead-end work and start creating lives of freedom while serving the world with their true talents.

Jonathan worked for years at what he termed “survival jobs” while building his own business that would eventually support his freedom. Because of his first-hand experience in the corporate grind, he’s intimately familiar with the frustration and despair that many face in similar circumstances.

He’s been featured as an expert in many publications, including Forbes, Business Insider, Copyblogger, Zen Habits and Fast Company.

He’s a martial artist, trail runner and lives with his wife Ev’Yan in Portland, Oregon. The current project that his is focusing on is called “The Uncaged Man”, where is focusing on bringing men back to their aggressive roots — he feels that society has pulled men away from what actually makes them manly.

In This Episode:

    • How do you wake up to your passion?
    • Dealing with your path being chosen for you.
    • Living life by interest.
    • Getting clarity with what your gifts are.
    • What has society done to manliness?
    • How can re-wilding your life make a positive effect?

Jonathan’s Favorite Quote:
“The master in the art of living drawers no line between his labor and his leisure, his mind and body, his work and his play, his eduction and his recreation, he draws no distinction, he hardly knows which. He pursues his excellence in whatever he is doing, and leaves others to decide if he is working or playing; to himself he is always dong both.” — James Mitchner —

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