About This Episode:
When Michael went from high school teacher to Broadway producer in under two years people started to ask him how he managed it. Michael began his career as a high school English teacher before producing off Broadway and then on Broadway. This combination of experience in the arts and entrepreneurship led to Michael starting an arts incubator program to teach more artists about building and growing their own businesses (PLAE). Eventually, he decided to develop a workshop on networking which grew into a full time consulting practice and that became Small Pond Enterprises.

Michael took a short break to work as the V.P. of Operations and as a Director of Business Development for an NYC Ed. Tech Startup which introduced him to the New York Startup community. Most recently, Michael founded The Connecting Connectors Conference.

In This Episode:

    • The rules of the Broadway industry.
    • What it takes to be a top Broadway producer.
    • What needs to change to become a good Networker.
    • Curating vs. creating a network
    • The four categories of people you will meet networking.
    • The “Double Opt In” Introduction
    • Why listening makes you a better Networker.

Michael‘s Favorite Quote:
“You can have anything you want in your life, if you help enough other people get what they want.”

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