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Tony Horton is the wildly popular creator of the best-selling fitness series: P90X, P90X2, P90X3, Ten Minute Trainer, One On One with Tony Horton, and his latest program he calls “The on-switch to fitness P90″. Tony is a world-class motivational speaker and the author of top-selling books “Bring It”, Crush It!” and his latest motivational book, “The Big Picture: 11 Laws That Will Change Your Life”. He has appeared on countless television programs as a fitness and lifestyle expert to promote healthy living through exercise and proper nutrition. Tony’s latest endeavor is a partnership with 7-Eleven to offer fresh and healthy sandwiches, wraps, salads, and cold pressed juices, providing nutritious options to people on the go.

For the past 25 years, he has used his unique brand of humor to change the lives of over 8 mil- lion people through his incredible fusion of motivation, physical exercise, nutrition, and discipline. From world-class athletes, pro sports teams, celebrities and the U.S. Military, to corporate executives, couch potatoes, and busy moms and dads alike, Tony has what it takes to reach and teach them all.

Tony believes that real and lasting change can happen when we commit to health as a lifestyle. Exercise, whole foods, and the right mindset is the formula that leads to a vibrant, productive and full life for anyone who focuses on being the best they can be.

In This Episode:

    • How change in location can be the jump start.
    • The value in consistency.
    • How many attempts it takes to create a successful product
    • The value in exercise variation.
    • How P90X got hooked up with Beachbody

Tony’s Favorite Quote:
“Do your best and forget the rest” — Tony Horton —

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