About This Episode:
Anthony Vaughan is the founder for Cognizance Capital Consulting, a company that helps entrepreneurs position their companies for success.

Anthony, an under sized West Virginia football player, initially got his start in football training, teaching others the strategies that helped him to go from undersized to really competing. It was initially successful, but fell apart 18 months in; Anthony blames himself.

He did something different than a lot of people generally do, and grew from the experience, and creating Cognizance Capital based upon the strategies that he learned after no acting correctly in his initial foray into business.

In This Episode:

    • Creating a business from your experience.
    • How cold emailing can be a great start when you have no credibility.
    • Why relying on one referral source is dangerous.
    • Having an income source before going full-time entrepreneur.
    • Why its OK to suck at first.
    • Why you need to take care of your team.

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