About This Episode:
I think there’s a lot of false ideas out there that people are adopting, as to the way that entrepreneurship works. Entrepreneur stories are missing the real story. Hustle can me hard work, not stupid work. I think people are starting to use the incorrect definition for hustle and I think we looked at not repeatedly running into the same wall but building a better and more effective way around the wall.

Entrepreneur stories perpetuate the ideas that it must be the hardest thing you’ve ever done: On a couch, homeless in a shopping cart, credit cards maxed or last dollar. Now, its not to say those stories aren’t out there and very authentic, because they are; some very successful entrepreneurs have becomes more battle tested that way. I’m suggesting that operating thinking that’s the way it has to be will cause you to make incorrect decisions or ones with incomplete data.

In This Episode:

    • Decide your goal.
    • Figure out what it will take.
    • Do some market research.
    • Doesn’t have to be new, just more effective.
    • Work smarter, not killing yourself.

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