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In addition to being a Fast Company branding expert blogger, David Brier is a multi-award-winning brand specialist whose work h!s been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, Package Design magazine, The Dieline, Adweek, INC, Fast Company and numerous other publications in print and online. Being in the top 5% of presenters on Slideshare with over 800,000 views worldwide, David has created brands for a wide range of rebrands, startups and refreshing old brands in the food, tech, health services, tourism, arts, architecture, gourmet industries amongst many others. Recognized for his brilliant use of words, design and imagery, David is one of the most sought-after branding specialists working today.

Today, we have the HONOR of giving David the mic, and learning the 9 questions he asks every business owner before deciding if their brand has what it takes to Rise Above The Noise — You have two choices, to rise above the noise and differentiate or be lost in the shuffle, lucky to even survive. In this episode, David Brier gets you started on the part to real differentiation and success.

The 9 Questions:

    • How do we stand apart?
    • If we miss a target, how quickly do we rebound?
    • Are we using every tool possible?
    • Does our brand reflect our unwillingness to do something ordinary?
    • Are we doing enough?
    • Do we know how much is too much?
    • Have we settled for something less than we originally envisioned?
    • Are we dealing with little patches instead of handling what we need to?
    • Have we taken too shallow of an approach to find our true point of difference that anyone will care about?

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