About This Episode:
Preston Smiles has lived a lot of life in his 35 years, and it has made him into person wanting not just to share his journey but share the love. Preston grew up in Compton, and was influenced by gangs at a young age, and was made to believe he was stupid.

His father wanted better for him and sent him to live with a friend in Pennsylvania, where he became like the real-life Fresh Prince of Belair, this started a series of realizations for him, and set him off on path to find what was missing from the word. Preston found that real love was the thing missing from the world, and his on a mission to teach others to “Love Louder.”

In This Episode:

    • Dealing with being singled out.
    • Having a second chance at life.
    • Realizing that social groups can be the same.
    • Finding your passion accidentally.
    • What makes a speaker.
    • Funding your passion until it funds itself.
    • Becoming a motivational speaker.

Preston’s Favorite Quote:
“Love will find a way, everything else will find an excuse.”

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