About This Episode:
Justin Matthew has very quickly made himself the name in social media. For many of us, social media can be a very confusing thing to consider. However, in this episode, just takes you through exactly what you need to do when you get started, what resources to find, what tools to get and even what the best platform for ROI is in his opinion; this episode is sure to be educational for the digital brander or the hesitant digital brander.

You may not be active on every single platform, but you need to be there — the space is not going away, so here’s you chance to not only learn some of the rules but also how to excel in the social space.

In This Episode:

    • Figure out your marketing and who is important
    • Look at your Twitter Analytics
    • Use “Bulk Engage” on Manage Flitter
    • How to EFFECTIVELY use Twitter Direct Messages
    • The value of Google +1’s in SEO
    • The value in extensive research
    • Developing your social voice and sticking to it
    • The Importance of headlines and images
    • Why Facebook is the best network to concentrate on
    • Getting started with Facebook Ads the RIGHT Way
    • Tools to Check Out:
      • Twitter Analytics
      • Mange Flitter
      • Crowd Fire
      • Jon Loomer’s FB Ad Blog

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iBoom Media
Jon Loomer
Manage Flitter

iBoom Media

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