About This Episode:
Jason Bay is the founder of Gen Y Success – it started as a podcast, but now its become so much more. Jason originally started school and intended to be a CSI, but then he learned that it wasn’t quite like the 47 minute TV show, and he wouldn’t be on many crime scenes.

Once things changed for Jason, he wasn’t quite sure what he would do, then he happened onto an internship at school. He then was catapulted into rapid business training and quickly became an expert in his field.

He sought to fill the vacuum left by a lack of Gen Y entrepreneurial experience, and that’s why he started Gen Y Success.

In This Episode:

    • Hiring your first employee.
    • The value in an internship.
    • Learning to deal with rejection.
    • What you have to do to really be successful.
    • Using freelancing to build your business.
    • How to break your goals down.

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