About This Episode:

Why Build a Blog:
– Create a brand

– Become an Opinion leader

Blog Types:

– WordPress.org: this is a free platform, but you will need somewhere to host it, but if you are really building a brand, its what you need.

– WordPress.com: its free, and better than nothing. If you eventually plan on going to wordpress.org, then this is the best place to start because content can easily be commuted.

– blogger.com: its owned by Google, and that’s the end to the positives.

– squarespace.com: I haven’t used it, but its been recommended to me. I Lacks the ability to add a lot of SEO, which is the real downside to it.

Blogging Steps:

  1. Get a Domain- I usually use Go Daddy, but there are plenty of places you can get them. Just make sure that its something people will be looking for, Google ad words has a free keyword tool which is a good place to start and will show how many people are searching for a certain keyword.
  2. Find a Host: I use Hostgator and I have for a long time, it comes highly recommended from me. It allows me to have email too, which a lot of hosts charge you extra for.
  3. Point name servers –> https://www.godaddy.com/help/change-nameservers-for-your-domain-names-664 they said it way better, so I’m not going to add to it.
  4. Install WordPress – this is super easy, pretty much two clicks
  5. Create @ Domain email
  6. Select a theme – I find Elegant themes to be easier and better for search rank; its what this site is built on.
  7. Make WordPress into a real website- basically making a static front page, but if you’re using Elegant themes, then you may want to skip this step; totally up to you.
  8. Create content – Boom! Add value to as many people as you humanly can, within you niche of course.
  9. Yoast- its a free plugin, install it and thank me later.

Facebook Branding:
I’ll be adding a link to get the Facebook branding pdf in a day or two

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