Jeremy Ryan Slate

Every man can be an artist.

This is My Story

Have you struggled as an entrepreneur? I have. I think we are a different breed, we work for a vision that not everyone understands; sometimes that can be a lonely journey. At 19 I tore three major ligaments in my knee, and had what was supposed to be an easy surgery. Turned out not to be so easy, freaked my parents out and led to me getting a hospital visit from a priest. What should have been a life changing event but wasn’t…

I received my masters degree in ancient history from Seton Hall University, studied literature at Oxford University and graduated into one of the worst job markets in history. The intention was to get my PhD and teach college, but I didn’t really try hard enough to hit the goal. I ended up continuing as the weekend manager at the same gym I worked at for 8 years. I also took on a job painting houses which led to about 8 months of 16 hour days. I ended up teaching at a private school for two years, but burned out pretty quickly…

I had the brilliant idea of running a personal training company, MLM business and selling life insurance at the same time…

Hello even more burn out.

In late 2015, I started the Create Your Own Life Podcast and life very quickly took off and did a total 180. Now I addition to interviewing many of the people I admire most, I run GetFeatured.Media and Slate Media Productions.

I have been a teacher, personal trainer and finally found my place in marketing. I enjoy helping people reach the level that they believe they can, because I believe they can get there. Through this blog, and my podcast, Create Your Own Life, I seek to help you build the business and the life that you dream of. Dream big. Its been my biggest flaw and biggest asset.

In this podcast, I want to give you actionable things that you can do, not just more fluff, there’s too much of that out there. CYOL will give you the steps and skills that successful entrepreneurs, business people and artists applied to create life on their terms. Are you ready for the ride?